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Verbo Church - Verbo Church

Verbo Church Verbo

Verbo Church

Pastor Earl Bowie is the Senior Pastor of the Verbo Church in Puerto Cabezas, Nicaragua. Earl’s church runs approximately 300 people per Sunday and is still growing. Earl also oversees two Verbo Christian Schools with almost 1000 students. He runs the Verbo Orphanage which is onsite with the church and one of the schools. The orphanage has over 100 children currently ages 2-21. Earl was himself orphaned early in life and was raised by his grandparents.

The Verbo church in Puerto Cabezas seeks to minister to all people in their community through building relationships and demonstrating Christ’s love daily. Verbo also reaches to the surrounding community, including a special ministry to those who live in the city trash dump. Earl has a passion for the native Indians who live along the Coco River which is the border with Honduras. Many of the orphans Earl cares for are from that area because of the extremely impoverished conditions. The Lord has blessed Earl in that he accomplishes a lot for the Kingdom with very little resources.

Earl is a key part of the recovery efforts in Nicaragua as Verbo Church in Puerto Cabezas serves as the hub for resources received from CFC and OrphaNetwork to the community in affected areas slammed by Hurricane "Felix" in September 2007.

Prayer requests:
- Pray that daily he would have an increased sensitivity to the voice of God.

- That God would raise up men to embrace the vision of the ministry.

- That God would strengthen their marriage.

- Pray that his children will continue to love Jesus and know Him.

- Pray for the ministry within the local church, the orphanage, Caminante (trash dump area), Betania (where houses were rebuilt after Felix and site of farming iniciative) and communities on the Coco River.
Verbo Ministries
Jean-Claude & Louisenie Blaise - Jean-Claude and Louisenie Blaise

Jean-Claude & Louisenie Blaise Blaise

Jean-Claude and Louisenie Blaise

Pastor Jean-Claude ministers at a local church (Mount Calvary Baptist Church) in the city of Grand-Pre and also preaches in crusades in many areas. He writes lessons for Sunday school and helps the teachers prepare. He also participates in evangelism and teaching Bible studies. He leads his church in a prayer program with the objective that God touches his hometown, and as part of that to deliver a Bible to every home. Each Friday, the church evangelizes the community through door-to-door ministry. Their goal is to bring the Gospel to every home. He cares about feeding the needy people and supporting the children and the teachers in the school.

Prayer Requests:
- Pray for resources ( workers, money) for the building of the new sanctuary.
- Pray for the conversion of 80 persons during our program of 40 days of prayer and preaching from November 3 to December 12, 2013.
- Pray for the young people, the kids and the adults of the Church in these difficult days that Haiti is facing.
- Give thanks to the Lord for the American visa that Louisenie and their 2 sons received.
-Pray for the healing of Jean-Claude and Louisenie. Jean-Claude has diabetes which affects his vision (diabetic retinopathy). He needs laser surgery which is very expensive in Haiti. He recently spent 10 days in the hospital for health issues related to diabetes.
Wiljean & Jeannine Compere - Wiljean and Jeannine Compere

Wiljean & Jeannine Compere Compere

Wiljean and Jeannine Compere

Pastor Wiljean Compere is the Senior Pastor of Open Door Church of God in Haiti. His ministry involves teaching the Word, disciplining believers in the community, organizing Bible camps for kids, conferences for leaders and the youth, and counseling. Pastor Compere is also involved in Evangelism Explosion which seeks to glorify God by equipping local churches worldwide to multiply through friendship, evangelism, discipleship, and healthy growth. They have five churches, three primary schools, an orphanage, and a clinic to help the people. An agriculture ministry was started with a garden, cows, and chickens. The Bible school has continued. They built a new church in the mountains at Maguayave. A new building was purchased for the church in Ouananminthe. They have ordained three pastors this summer for Cap-Haitien and Ouananminthe. Two children's churches have been planted in Bois de Lance and Cap-Haitien.

Prayer requests:
- Pray for the new church plant
- Pray for the building construction for the Cap Haitian church
- Pray for the land purchase for the church in the north east (town of Ouananminthe)
- Pray for sustainability for Open Door Ministry
- Pray for the Compere family
- Pray for a roof for the church building at Magrayave
Open Door Church / Ministries
Fred & Nathalie Dorcin - Fred and Nathalie Dorcin

Fred & Nathalie Dorcin Dorcin

Fred and Nathalie Dorcin

The Dorcins are in an under-privileged area in Milot, in northern Haiti. The Dorcin’s ministry consists of preaching the Gospel, teaching Bible studies, training leaders, leading the youth choir, and working with the under-privileged children. They host youth conferences, evangelism campaigns, and open-air services with the goal to evangelize people. They also encourage couples who live together to get married and develop micro-lending programs for women.

Prayer requests:
- Pray for spiritual and social growth of the church
- Pray for a community center base to help the people
- Pray for unity in the church family
- Pray for excellent health
- Pray for more enthusiasm to do the will of God
Johnson Asare - Johnson Asare

Johnson Asare Asare

Johnson Asare

Reverend Johnson Asare was born in southern Ghana on February 24, 1955. He was raised and trained in the religion of Islam, and eventually became a science teacher at an Islamic School. During that time he met a Christian couple and was led to the Lord. He dedicated his life to the Lord's service and earned a three year Diploma in Pastoral Ministry from Maranatha Bible College.

Johnson has been a National missionary in Northern Ghana since 1983. He serves as Founder and Director of Markaz al Bishara ("Center of Good News"), an indigenous mission organization reaching out to Muslims. He is the past President of the Bible Church of Africa, an SIM International related association of churches in Ghana. He founded OAK EXTENSION, the development arm of this organization. He is also the past Deputy Secretary of Evangel Fellowship, the association of all SIM related churches in Africa, Asia, and Latin America.

Johnson is married to Lydia, who serves as a partner in all his ministry. The have five children. They focus on sharing God's love with people of other faiths and building bridges for them to walk over to Jesus Christ. This is accomplished through intentional church planting, local businesses and community development programs, training and equipping leaders and lay leaders for the Great Commission. They are putting in place a local mechanism to generate income for missions to ensure sustainability and continuity. They are striving to ensure more than 90% of staff are paid with funds generated locally (there are 96 co-workers).

Prayer requests:
- Pray for boldness and wisdom to win people of other faiths to Christ
- Pray to get Radach University started as soon as possible
- Pray to get the Women's Vocational School started by January 2013
- Pray to plant six churches in the Gonja area
- Pray for God to provide one motor bike for church planting among the Gonja people group
SMYRNA Ministries International
Patricio & Alejandra Diaz  - Patricio and Alejandra Diaz

Patricio & Alejandra Diaz Diaz

Patricio and Alejandra Diaz

Patricio works in the area of maintenance on the Word of Life youth camp. He also works with Bible clubs, evangelistic sport activities, and musical evangelical productions directed toward the young people. He works with a program for drug prevention, alcoholism, and AIDS - as well as youth camps. He is in charge of the youth ministry in their church and teaches weeknight classes. Alejandra is secretary of the Word of Life team, and she is in charge of spiritual counseling during camp and at their evangelism and discipleship center. They are also involved in Sunday School and marriage studies at their local church, and handle all the activities of the youth ministry.

Prayer requests:

- Pray for salvation for the family of Alejandra - Laura and Carlos (her parents), Bettina and Andrew (her siblings)
- Pray for excellence in their ministry
- Pray for faithfulness and holiness in their lives and wisdom in raising their son, Andrew
- Pray for meeting ministry goals
- Pray for Alejandra's health - she is being treated for cancer.
- Pray for financial support for medical needs. Their health insurance pays very little so they find it difficult at times to have the necessary medical examinations and to buy the medications Alejandra needs.
- Pray for Alejandra to have a new PET Scan to see what happened with some things that appeared in her lung. Pray for the support to make this PET Scan (in October).
Word of Life - Chile
Alberto Dib - Alberto Dib

Alberto Dib Dib

Alberto Dib

For more than 37 years the Lord has been using Alberto, first as the founder and director of Word of Life in Chile. He has also worked as an evangelist in many Latin American countries such as Guatemala, El Salvador, Nicaragua , Cuba, Spain, Venezuela, Ecuador, Peru etc.

Alberto does leadership training seminars, especially after the post graduate training he received at the Hagai Institute in Hawaii in 2009. Within the last few years, his evangelistic radio program, “Until the Nets are Filled”, has been transmitted over many radio stations in Latin America.

He has also been supplying resources to churches such as Bibles, Gospel tracts, CD’s and Bible study outlines. During this next year he would like to see the radio programs being transmitted on 50 new stations in Central America, the United States and especially Nicaragua.

Prayer requests:

- Pray the Lord will use Alberto greatly to spread the Gospel in Central America: Guatemala, El Salvador, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Panama, and Cuba.
- Pray for 50 radio stations to open up for the radio program and to provide the finances for those stations who charge.
- Pray for the Lord to raise up the 100 lay leaders and be equipped to train others.
- Pray for the finances to print up 100,000 Gospel tracts and buy 1000 Bibles.
- Pray for new partners to join and team up financially.
- Pray that the Lord sends revival to Latin America
-Pray for more help to expand his webpage
Alberto Dib Ministries
John & Stephanie Spalding - John and Stephanie Spalding

John & Stephanie Spalding Spalding

John and Stephanie Spalding

John and his wife Stephanie run a discipleship training school called SYME (School for Youth Ministries in English) for Asian adults in South Korea. They teach English through the Bible. As they disciple students, they seek to create: a desire to serve God, a heart for missions, and an interest in youth ministry. The school is an eight month residency program that allows them to have a maximum lasting impact on the lives of their students. Currently 10-15% of the students that enter the school are unsaved and the Spaldings are able to minister to them and see their lives changed with the Gospel. About 50% of the SYME students go on to further their Bible education at one of the Word of Life Bible Institutes in New York, Florida, Canada, or Jeju, South Korea. Their goal is to equip the next generation of pastors and missionaries to reach Asia with the Gospel.

Prayer requests:

- Pray for wisdom for the ministry and for the Spalding family as they walk daily with the Lord
- Pray for the people of North Korea, they they may know the King
- Pray for God to continue to grow His ministry and influence in South Korea
- Pray for God to provide additional workers so they can open SYMEs in Hong Kong and China
- Pray to increase the number of prayer partners as well as financial partners
Word of Life Fellowship, Inc.
Al & Alice Moore  - Al and Alice Moore

Al & Alice Moore Moore

Al and Alice Moore

Al and Alice are field staff with Ambassadors for Christ International to see evangelism and discipleship of Ukrainian nationals.

Matthew 25:34-36 Then I, the King, shall say to those at my right, "Come, blessed of my Father, into the Kingdom prepared for you from the founding of the world. For I was hungry and you fed me; I was thirsty and you gave water; naked and you clothed me and you visited me."

They are now working in Kiev and minister to 260 elderly (World War II survivors). These are mostly widows since most men were killed. The government and often families ignore these people. They are poor; impoverished spiritually and physically and many are receiving Jesus Christ as Savior. Al and Alice desire they grow in their faith knowing they will go to heaven based alone on Christ's shed blood. They trust God to raise up monies to provide humanitarian aid such as food, clothing, personal needs, Bibles (large print), glasses, medicines and surgeries. They recently openned a Christian home for the elderly called The Father's Arms. They are encouraged that God has raised up others to continue to do on a larger scale the work they have been doing. They are working alongside these new workers and teaching them what they have learned.

Prayer requests:
- Pray that Al and Alice would get to know God in new ways and experience Him where He is working
- Pray that they would grow in their marriage and personal lives
- Pray that many Ukrainians and internationals come to faith in Christ, seek God, grow in their faith and walk, becoming soul winners and disciplers.
- Pray to see God raise up nationals to take leadership ministering with the Moores
- Pray that God would raise up godly men and women to be in government leadership in Ukraine
- Pray for trusting God's timing and location for where to live and what to do when they retire. The Moores are in their 70s
- "That our God will make us fit for what He's called us to be. That He'll fill us with good ideas and acts of faith with His own energy so that it all amounts to something." (The Message) II Thessalonians 1:11
Ambassadors for Christ International
Louise Bickish - Louise Bickish

Louise Bickish Bickish

Louise Bickish

George and Louise Bickish served with New Tribes Mission for 20 years in the jungles of Venezuela. Louise was a school teacher for the missionary children, and George worked as a farmer providing food for the missionaries and children at the boarding school. In 1996 they retired from foreign service and have served at the headquarters and the Retirement Center for New Tribes Mission. Louise taught 1st and 2nd grade at the small school for staff children at headquarters. This is a ministry that helped missionaries working at the headquarters to have a Christian education for their children. In 2009 when George’s health deteriorated and he needed constant care, Louise resigned from teaching and her ministry became caring for him at home. George passed away last year. Louise continues to live on her own at the retirement center for New Tribes Mission. She seeks to encourage others who have struggled through grief and loss. George and Louise have children and grandchildren who now serve in mission work, and Louise actively supports her family as they continue to answer the call of the great commission.

Prayer requests:
- Pray for Louise’s health.
- Pray for Louise to be a blessing and encouragement to the other retirees.
- Pray for her to be strengthened in her spirit as she deals with the loneliness of being a widow.
- Thank God for George’s life and that he was able to be cared for at home.
New Tribes Mission
Richard & Judi Carl  - Richard and Judi Carl

Richard & Judi Carl Carl

Richard and Judi Carl

The Carl's are retired from Outreach to Asia Nationals (OTAN). They trained national leaders in unreached and restricted countries (the 10/40 window). Richard was the pastor at large for the many OTAN missionaries in those countries. They went to the fields to minister to the missionaries and train when the Lord provided the resources to do so.

Prayer requests:

- Pray for the sale of the Carl's house in Asheville, NC
- Pray for their family that are not doing well healthwise
- Pray for their move to California to be closer to family
Outreach to Asian Nationals
Don & Phoebe Darling  - Don and Phoebe Darling

Don & Phoebe Darling Darling

Don and Phoebe Darling

Don Darling is the founder of Smyrna Ministries. Smyrna’s goals are to effectively minister to the Persecuted Church in the Islamic World. He wants to challenge the American Church to give sacrificially, pray fervently for the Persecuted Church, and to inform the American Church of the alarming, strategic global advance of Islam. This ministry helps real people who are suffering for their faith today, and equips the church in Muslim regions. Smyrna Ministries is making every effort to comfort, encourage, and equip those suffering for Christ under this growing shadow of Islam. Don serves on the Board of Directors and as Executive Director Emeritus. Phoebe serves as the full-time SHARE Fund Coordinator.

Prayer requests:
- Pray that more Christians in America might be challenged to pray for the persecuted
- Pray that Smyrna might be an increasing source of comfort to the suffering Church
- Pray that Smyrna staff and resources might be enlarged to more effectively meet the challenge before us
- Pray that the Smyrna website and other forms of communication will increasingly motivate the readers
- Pray that Smyrna might be better able to effectively respond to urgent needs of the persecuted
Smyrna Ministries
Earnest & Ruth Hummer  - Earnest and Ruth Hummer

Earnest & Ruth Hummer Hummer

Earnest and Ruth Hummer

Earnie is President Emeritus of China Outreach Ministries (COM). In 2002, Earnie and Ruth became part of the Development
office of COM. Ruth continues as secretary to Earnie.
Our big project is the responsibility for funding the annual Staff Conference. This is to cover the expenses
to further the training for the staff in order to be more efficient in the outreach to the Chinese scholars.
This serves 80 staff on 55 college campuses. It involves contacting churches supporting COM and all the follow-up.

Prayer requests:
- Pray for personal spiritual growth
- Pray for daily phone contacts for encouragement of donors & others
- Pray for COM’s President Osborn & our leadership team
- Pray for daily renewal of our personal health
- Pray for leading of the Holy Spirit in seeking our support needs
- Pray for our family. We have 2 adult children, 3 grandchildren, and 1 great-grandson.
China Outreach Ministries, Inc.
Mary Knisley  - Mary Knisley

Mary Knisley Knisley

Mary Knisley

Mary works in an administrative role at SIM; she works with the donor relations team. Her responsibilities include opening and sorting donor mail, preparing checks and cash for bank deposit, and processing gifts to missionaries and projects. She is part of a team whose passion is to support missionaries in administrative ways that allow them to focus their efforts on the ministry God has given them.

Prayer Requests:
- Prayer for the transition and move to SIM USA in Charlotte - including the sale of her house.
- Strength to continue to faithfully serve Missionaries working on the front lines around the world.
- Good health and management of Diabetes
- Opportunities to continue sharing ministry and reaching the lost with the Gospel of Jesus Christ.
SIM Mission
Bernie & Jean LaTour  - Bernie and Jean LaTour

Bernie & Jean LaTour LaTour

Bernie and Jean LaTour

Bernie is the founder and president of Yielded Evangelical Servants (Y.E.S.) organization, with the vision to enable those called of God to serve in the areas of the world that they feel God has called them. They serve 82 missionary families working in 20 different countries. Y.E.S. handles their finances, prays for them and encourages them in ministry. They also lead short-term missionaries to various parts of the world, provide DVBS materials for over 3,500 children, and provide training materials for the pastors in the 90 plus churches affiliated with International Fellowship of Christian Churches (IFCC). The IFCC supports and encourages pastors and congregations in many poor countries with pastoral education and teaching materials to help make 2 Tim 2:2 a reality.

Prayer Requests:

- Pray for office help that is computer qualified
- Pray for funds for the ministry
- Pray for physical strength for the job He has given us
- Pray that God will sustain and meet the needs of each missionary serving under Y.E.S.
- Pray for land for the orphans of Medellin, Colombia, and the Dominican Republic
Yielded Evangelical Servants (Y.E.S.)
Randolph & Noraline Mercelita  - Randolph and Noraline Mercelita

Randolph & Noraline Mercelita Mercelita

Randolph and Noraline Mercelita

Randolph joined the Senderis team in 2010. Randolph has a passion for training pastors and leaders in Latin America to counsel the people under their care wisely and biblically. Originally from the island of Curaçao in the Caribbean, he now lives with his family in Edinburg, Texas. They teach pastors how to counsel people in their churches, with their main focus being to help pastors and leaders be better prepared for God's ministry. They also counsel pastors and their families. They travel each month to a different country to teach and usually counsel a pastoral couple. Many pastors they counsel do not have close friends and really need support as a couple in their struggles. Randolph and Noraline are pastoral counselors who work with marriages and families. They also speak at conferences. Randolph is the director for Caring for the Latino Heart Ministries in McAllen, Texas.

Prayer requests:
- Pray for their trips to Latin America during this year
- Pray for God's wisdom as they are counseling pastors
- Pray for Noraline's counseling classes at Liberty University where she is working on her master's degree
- Pray for daughters (Moriel and Micheline) who attend college
- Pray for daughter (Melanie) who is in high school
Senderis Mission Caring for the Latino Heart Ministries
Glen & Betty Osborn  - Glen and Betty Osborn

Glen & Betty Osborn Osborn

Glen and Betty Osborn

Glen is the President of China Outreach Ministries, a ministry committed to give Christ to China's future leaders. COM has 77 staff reaching out to 30,000 Chinese at 55 universities in America, sharing the love and truth of Christ. COM staff focus on developing loving relationships with the Chinese through caring for their needs, helping with English, providing meaningful activities and Bible studies, and connecting them with other Christians. As President, Glen's role is to communicate the vision and mission of the ministry, raise and develop resources to accomplish the mission, and develop leadership.

Prayer requests:
- Pray for God’s divine appointments for COM staff as they connect with top Chinese scholars at 55 universities, so that many will hear the Gospel and believe on Jesus.
- Pray for more laborers for this white harvest field – 200,000 top Chinese at American universities.
- Pray for Chinese who become Christians here and return to China – that they will find a church or fellowship and are effective, fruitful witnesses for the Lord.
- Pray for God’s wisdom and guidance in leading COM.
- Pray that God’s Spirit will lead us and be evident in all we do for His glory.
China Outreach Ministries
Dan & Nancy Thomas  - Dan and Nancy Thomas

Dan & Nancy Thomas Thomas

Dan and Nancy Thomas

Dan and Nancy continue working with New Tribes Mission. New Tribes Mission (NTM) has a retirement community for the retired missionaries of NTM. This retirement community is called NTM Homes and is located in Sanford, Florida. They are missionaries caring for missionaries.

Dan serves as the NTM Homes Administrator. This involves the oversight of people and the "stuff" needed to maintain the property. As the administrator, he works with a team of leaders to oversee the community operations including NTM retirees and retiree housing applications, volunteers, staff, budget, housing construction and building maintenance, grounds maintenance, food service, the assisted living facility operations including resident care, housekeeping, and transportation, etc.

Nancy divides her ministry time between assisted living facility nursing, assisting with activities, decorating and secretarial work for Dan. They have two adult children.

- Praise the Lord! He has answered prayer in the provision of an assisted living facility administrator. This is Jim and Carol Sheffield from Guinea, West Africa. They have a heart to serve the retirees.

Prayer requests:
- Pray for wisdom as they continue to work on the new office space and chapel. This is a huge project for them and they hope to have it done in the winter of 2013. Pray for the additional $450,000 needed.
- Pray for Nancy and Dan as they walk with the Lord. Specifically, that we pray fervently as Jesus commanded, "...Labourers are few: pray ye therefore the Lord of the harvest, that He would send forth labourers into His harvest." Luke 10:2 (KJV) and take every opportunity to be a witness of the Gospel in Sanford, Florida.
- Please continue to pray for their adult children as they walk with the Lord - their son Andrew with his wife Charis, and their daughter Mandi.
- Pray for unity amoung the staff and for them to intentionally look out for each other.
- Pray for Dan as he continues to function with a headache, which is always present, some days more intense than others. Specifically, strength and a medication that will keep him out of the emergencey room for treatment.
New Tribes Missions
Robert & Debbie Walz  - Robert and Debbie Walz

Robert & Debbie Walz Walz

Robert and Debbie Walz

Robert and Debbie are working as support staff at the headquarters of China Outreach Ministries. C.O.M. is focused on reaching Chinese students on American university campuses. Debbie is Administrative Assistant to President Glen Osborn as well as office manager and financial secretary. Robert works as a general clerk with various office duties. They are “support beams” that enable campus workers to focus on the task of reaching China’s future leaders for Christ. They also travel to churches to share the ministry of C.O.M.

Prayer requests:
- Pray for continued diligence in diet and exercise to keep our diabetes under control.
- Pray for raising and maintaining full support.
- Pray for wisdom in planning for our future retirement at the end of 2015.
- Pray for strength daily for the tasks the Lord sets before us.
China Outreach Ministries